Making sense of the world – our mission statement

As one of Hungary’s top language service providers, we place the utmost emphasis on client-oriented project management. Quality and timeliness is a must in our industry, but what Hunnect excels in is adapting processes to the clients’ needs. This flexibility assures that the message communicated to the world in any language is exactly what the client has originally conceived.

Hunnect Life Sciences

Our strongest branch

 After acquiring significant experience in life-science related translation, we made the decision to create a new branch inside our company – Hunnect Life Sciences.
Medical and pharmaceutical translations always require impeccable quality which can be achieved only by adding both human and automatized extra quality checks to the traditional translation-editing-proofreading (TEP) process – and by choosing the right specialists. Whether we speak of clinical trials, documentation for medical devices, SPCs or other life-science related texts, our highly specialized translators are the irreplaceable basis of high-quality output.

Hunnect Linguistic Services

Translation and localization

Hunnect provides full translation (translation-editing-proofreading) services for all European and the major Asian languages as part of our foreign language solutions. We welcome translation projects in practically any subject area from English into Hungarian and vice versa, as well as between English and all Eastern European languages.

We also take on requests for Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese (simplified and Traditional), Korean etc. through our Tokyo office.

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